Engagement Anxiety?

Wedding Stress? Cold Feet?

Allison Moir-Smith

Since 2002, I’ve helped brides and grooms overcome anxiety, fear, and sadness during the “happiest time of your life”. I can try to help you, too.

“Getting married is the most consequential decision you’ll ever make, impacting your happiness, health and quality of life. Doesn’t it make sense that you’re a bit overwhelmed? I can help.”

Questions You May Have Asked Yourself

Why isn’t this the “happiest time of my life”?

Why am I so anxious?

Why is wedding planning fraught, not fun?

Why am I questioning my relationship?

Why am I overwhelmed, sad and scared?

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Client  Reviews

“I was so confused and upset, I almost called off my wedding.

Allison helped me discover the roots of my struggles and find healthy resolutions for them, and to remember all the reasons I want to get married to my wonderful fiance in the first place.

She was exactly the resource I needed!”



Brilliant and life-altering.

“This eBook changed my experience of being engaged.”

I haven’t been able to put it down.

“I read it 3 times during my engagement.”

Read what clients are saying about my book that will help you be a happier bride.

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Helping brides & grooms feel happier, calmer and better prepared for marriage since 2002.

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