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Emotionally Engaged: A Bride's Guide to Surviving the "Happiest" Time of Her Life

A guide on how to survive the psychological upheavals of being engaged, outlining a three-step process on preparing for married life, surviving wedding planning, and recognizing symptoms that may require professional assistance.

Available in eBook and paperback directly from Allison.
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What Brides Say About My eBook

“I read it 3 times during my engagement.

It felt like I’d really been let in on this big secret about how what being a bride really is.”


Boston, MA

“This eBook saved me.

“Knowing that others — many others — felt the same way I did, reassured me that I was not alone in what I was going through.”


Calgary, AB

“Full of practical advice for how to navigate the “happiest” time

of your life — and to truly make your engagement one of the most meaningful times of your life.”


San Francisco, CA

“My fiance commented on how happier I seemed after reading this eBook.

It helped me realize that it’s OK to feel happy, angry, sad, confused, and excited about the wedding. It’s the book for confused brides everywhere!”


“This book was instrumental for me.

It normalized some of what I was feeling, and that really helped. I’m so pleased to tell you that I am very, VERY happily married now!”


Philadelphia, PA

“It was my engagement bible.

It addresses everything from becoming engaged, to dealing with unruly family members and fights with your future husband, to becoming a wife and much more. I’ll be buying this book for my sisters and friends when they get engaged; they are going to need it.”



“This book changed my experience of being engaged.

It helped me understand that getting married is a rite of passage, a transition from the “single” you to the “married” you. Shouldn’t we expect some “grieving” as well as “excited” emotions? The knowledge Allison provided gave me the tools to understand my heart as well as communicate my emotions to my fiance. The remainder of my engagement was genuinely enjoyable. I’ve been happily married for six months now and every day, I am so thankful Allison gave me the opportunity to be “Emotionally Engaged!”


British Columbia

“I haven’t been able to put it down.

It’s been so reassuring that other people have not only had similar experiences, but they’ve conquered them and flourished because of them. Thank you for showing me I’m not alone! I’ll keep you posted on how the rest of the engagement works out, but since I finished your book, I really do feel like I’ve turned a corner and have been a lot happier.”


Washington, DC

“My mind is so much more at ease now.

I was afraid to talk to my friends and family about all the emotions I was feeling — happy, sad, depressed, alone, excited! I was almost at my wits end when I went to the library and stumbled onto your book. I read it cover-to-cover, thinking the whole time, ‘THIS IS ME! I am not crazy!’ It has helped me so much and made things so much more clear for me. I’m slowly getting more and more ready to make that walk down the aisle, and when I do, I will be so much for confident, thanks to your advice. My mind is so much more at ease now, and you will never fully know how much this book has made me realize that the new woman I am becoming is something to embrace and welcome. So again, I want to say a huge THANK YOU! It has saved my engagement, and I will be recommending this to my friends when they say the most important “yes” of their life.”


“It explained so many of the unexpected feelings

and experiences I encountered during my engagement. Emotionally Engaged is a must-have for any woman making the exciting, but difficult, transition from girlfriend to wife.”


New York, NY

“It helped me understand that my emotions are normal.

I now get that it’s okay to not know exactly who I am during this engagement process, and that I need to be patient with myself and all the changes going on around me.”


Houston, TX

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“This pioneering bridal counselor…guides brides through the honest highs and lows of engagement.” 



“Excellent…a must-read for every single bride… I love this book so much, I want to marry IT!”



“Moir-Smith turns pre-wedding jitters into ‘happily ever after’ for … brides-to-be.”


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