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What Grooms Have To Say

“I’ve gone to two other counselors to work out my cold feet.

No doubt they were skilled but they didn’t fully grasp my situation the way Allison did.”


Florida, Pilot

“I was nervous, anxious, over-analyzing everything. It was impacting my feelings about the wedding and my wonderful fiance.

Working with Allison, I got to the root causes of my anxiety — my upbringing and my own lifelong anxious tendencies. ​Turns out my anxiety had nothing to do with my fiance. On my wedding day, after doing the hard work of digging into my past, I felt so confident: I knew I was marrying the right girl for me!”


South Carolina, Software Sales

“I proposed, then started having second thoughts. I felt like a jerk.

I’d try to shut down my doubts, but they kept creeping back in. Allison helped me see what I already knew: there were some serious problems in my relationship. She offered strategies and ways to talk with my fiance about how to improve things, feel closer, and have the kind of marriage I’d always wanted to have.

In the end, I realized this wasn’t a woman I felt completely safe with. So I called it off. It’s been hard, but I’m relieved I didn’t marry the wrong person. Allison helped me make the right decision.”


Los Angeles, Lawyer

“Now that I’m married, I’m so thankful for the time I spent with Allison.

The adjustment to engagement and marriage has gone much smoother than it would have otherwise, and I feel much more prepared for the times when things aren’t perfectly smooth.”


Sacramento, Engineer

“Cold feet counseling moved me out of panic-mode.

I could be thoughtful about what I was feeling and doing. Allison is a great guide.”


Software Engineer

“When I got engaged, I was sure I was making the right decision.

However, a few nagging thoughts escalated in the months between the engagement and the wedding.

Fixating on those thoughts eventually put me in a place where my anxiety and fear made me question my relationship, and I worried that I would have to spend a little time every day in my marriage being sad.

In my work with Allison, I was able to unpack my relationship anxiety and realize how much of my current worry was tied up in problems that had nothing to do with my fiancee.

Allison helped me realize that I wasn’t doomed to make the same mistakes my parents and their parents did, and helped me to find new ways to appreciate and remember the person I’d fallen in love with.

My work with Allison helped me to communicate with my wife as a partner and to view my emotional responses from the outside, and realize why I sometimes felt the way I did, and how it had nothing to do with my fiancee, but with the responses that had learned over the course of my life.

Knowing this let me work through how I felt, and gave me the tools to be a better husband and a better person, as well as happier.

We’ve been married now for almost 2 months, and our wedding day was doubt-free, fear-free, anxiety free, and better than anything I could have hoped for.

I think that socially, men aren’t expected to grapple with the sort of emotional intensity that comes with marriage, and that expectation makes the anxiety of getting married even more isolating. Allison helped me normalize what I was feeling and find the roots of it, and I’ll always be grateful for our work together.

I cannot recommend her highly enough.”


Austin, Teacher

“I’m so glad I worked through my cold feet and went through with the wedding.

Because here I am, 4 years later, happily married, a Dad of 2 little girls. I’m significantly outnumbered in my house…and loving it!

I’m so glad i didn’t run away from my feelings of cold feet, but worked through them with you. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be living this happy life.”


Chicago, Lawyer

“I fly helicopters, and still, getting married was one of the scariest things I’ve done.

But I’m glad I did it. Thank you for your time, patience and help throughout those last few months of engagement.”


Florida, Navy Pilot

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