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How many sessions do most brides and grooms have?

Three. This is most successful if you commit to one session per week for 3 weeks.

After 3 sessions, you and I evaluate together if working with me is helpful, productive and sufficient, or if you’d benefit by continuing our work.

This is generally short-term work, to get you through whatever issues that have arisen due to your engagement.

When’s the best time to begin counseling?

The sooner the better. Some brides and grooms begin counseling the day after the proposal, but most begin between two and six months after they get engaged.

The closer the wedding, the more pressure you will feel.

I’ve got cold feet. Can you tell me whether or not I should go through with the wedding?

No. That’s not my place or my purpose.

I can, however, try to help you make the best decision you can. In our sessions, we’ll work to determine if you have cold feet because an issue of yours (that we can work through), an issue of his (and then figure out if you want to live with it), or an issue that is a deal-breaker (and I’ll support you as you call it off).

I love helping brides and grooms understand the source of their cold feet, and then helping them make the best decision for their lives and happiness.

How can this help me?

Our culture’s attitude towards engagements is that you should be ONLY happy. But since you’re here, you know that’s not the case.

Most brides and grooms experience doubt, fear, sadness, confusion, overwhelm and anxiety during their engagements, and they suffer alone, feeling like there’s something wrong with them or their marriages-to-be. That’s not necessarily the case, either.

That’s why I do this work: to create a space for you to actually deal with and understand your complex and contradictory emotions, so you can get through this transitional period of your life with greater calm, self-knowledge, confidence, and happiness.

Why should I work with you on video instead of a therapist where I live?

I’ve been specializing in counseling brides and grooms since 2002.

I offer more than 2 decades of experience of working solely with people just like you. I’ve heard thousands of stories, I can see important patterns in your story, and I bring my experience and depth of knowledge to our sessions together. Brides and grooms are the only clients I see.

Some brides and grooms find me after unsatisfying and sometimes painful sessions with therapists who do not specialize in engagement issues.

However, I strongly believe that a local therapist is the right choice for mental illness, depression, severe anxiety, addiction, trauma issues, couples counseling, psychoanalysis and the like. If, after our our 15-minute video consultation or at the end of our 3 sessions together, I believe you would be better served locally, I’ll try to help you find somewhere where you live.

Do you accept health insurance?


Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, through PayPal.

Do you accept personal checks?


Do you have a sliding scale?

Yes, for a limited number of people.

I have a few more quick questions. How do I contact you?

Click here to schedule a free 15-minute video consultation to answer any additional questions you have.

How do I begin?

Click here to fill in an email form, and I’ll contact you within 24 hours to schedule your session.

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