What brides say about working with me:

"I was so confused and upset I almost called off my wedding.

“Our work was brief, but it made a big difference.

My relationship is a million times better. Thank you for guiding me through some of the difficulties I was facing.”


“I couldn’t sleep, was anxiety-ridden and overcome with grief.

In my first meeting with Allison, I felt comforted and not alone. I was worried my regular support system would judge and misunderstand me, so having her help me work through my feelings in neutral space was a game-changer.

Her calm, open and vulnerable approach made it easy for me to explore and understand my sadness about leaving my family, fear around the unknown, anxiety around the swirl of wedding planning. She also helped me work through different issues with my fiance-now-husband, in turn helping me be a better partner to him.

We’ve been married one month. I’m proud of the couple we are today and giddy
about the family we are starting together.”


I was really struggling with the emotional transition from single career woman to being a wife and a stepmom. I didn’t know what was wrong with me, and I was so confused and upset I almost called off the wedding.

Allison has helped me discover the roots of these struggles and find healthy resolutions for them, and to remember all the reasons I want to get married to my wonderful fiance in the first place.

I’m starting to actually enjoy the wedding planning process rather than approach it with a fight-or-flight reaction, and my relationship with my future stepson is as strong as it’s ever been. She was exactly the resource I needed!”


“Every moment I spent working with her was worth it.

Before I found Allison, I was lost, alone, and depressed. I felt relief from the very first email I received from her.

I honestly don’t know if I would have made it to my wedding day without our talks. Meeting regularly with her helped me and and my fiance work on everything we needed to in order to become husband and wife.

Now I’m married to the most wonderful man, and I know every moment I spent working with her through our engagement was worth it.”


“I was emotionally a wreck, but after just one session, I felt so much better.

Allison was fantastic to work with. She is thoughtful and incredibly empathetic and supportive. We had our sessions over Skype, but I felt as if I were in her office. She was also very easy to book; our first appointment was just a day or two after I reached out to her.

I definitely recommend reading her book if you are even thinking of getting engaged, as her insights into the complex set of feelings (expected and unexpected) and transformation each bride-to-be goes though are INVALUABLE.

If you still find yourself with questions or struggles, I cannot recommend her counseling enough. I wholeheartedly know that my decision to seek her one-on-one counseling was one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself.”


“Planning my wedding was much harder than I expected.

From my discomfort with being the center of attention, to my parents’ and in-laws competing demands, to learning how to be in such an intimate relationship with my fiance — I had a lot going on.

But thanks to Allison, I learned that it was OK to not feel only complete joy, like they do in romantic comedies. I learned that by working through these more challenging feelings and times, 

I was actually helping myself grow as a woman.”


“I was in an awful mood when we started our session. Our video chat made 100% difference. I feel 100% myself today.

The dynamic between my fiance and I is already so much lighter, and we are back to normal as a result.

I’m so glad I contacted you. You worked magic”


“This work has given me an easy way to transition from single to married.

Before working with Allison, I was struggling with moving in with my future husband. Now, I feel ready to deal with the changes ahead.

She has helped me explore myself and find the answers and solutions to deal with change from within. I’ve learned how to set boundaries, understand why I was having trouble with my move and communicate more efficiently with my future husband. I’ve learned how to establish myself as one-half of a new family.

Allison has helped me recognize it is OK to be afraid of — and not ashamed of being afraid of — the big changes in my life. If anyone has any fears or questions about the value of Allison’s unique work, please have them contact me. I’d be happy to talk with them.”


“I’m so grateful for where I am in my life now.

I know I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t stumbled across your website — and felt such a good connection with you!

I’ve learned so much about myself, how to use the heart as a source of information, and how to navigate my role in my family.”


“I think of Allison every month or so when I am reflecting on where I am in my life: a wonderful place — first house, first baby, happy marriage.

I’m so grateful for the invaluable insights she helped me uncover that allowed me to move forward and embrace my marriage.”


“I’ve been to several therapists, and Allison is unquestionally the best:

the most insightful, the most non-judgmental and the most solution-oriented. She is the only therapist I’ve felt comfortable enough to be really honest with.

Allison has been a safe harbor and a voice of reason during my transition to ‘bride.’

Don’t hesitate to contact her. Ultimately, the peace of mind you’ll feel when you know you’ve made the right decision is well worth the investment in yourself.”


“The turmoil I felt ​was crippling.

I contacted Allison in a near fit of desperation. I found her to be really accessible, experienced, and very warm-hearted.

I ended up calling off my engagement, and while it was really hard, I know I made the right decision. That was eight months ago now and while I do experience some residual grief, I feel confident in my life’s direction.

Allison’s counsel really helped me through the worst months and I highly recommend her work.”


“Allison prepared me for the walk down the aisle, my wedding day, and the start of my marriage.

She helped me get through the stages of my engagement that really forced me to do some work on accepting myself.

The outer work of being a bride is so important, but it was this inner transformation that readied me the most. I truly wouldn’t change it.

I believe I enjoyed my wedding day so much because I had worked so hard to get there emotionally!”


“With my wedding just a few days away, I feel calm, content, and together.

Before bridal counseling, I was frazzled and frustrated, a real Bridezilla on the inside, overwhelmed with the whole concept of being married. I felt huge pressure to complete the to-do list, and I felt a real sense of loss in saying goodbye to my single life. And I felt as though NO ONE UNDERSTOOD.

Counseling really helped, because I found a place where I could express my frustrations. I learned that what I was experiencing was normal, and that it didn’t indicate that I shouldn’t marry my fiancé.

I really appreciated having access to a listening and understanding ear. When you already feel out of control, that kind of information is invaluable. With my wedding just a few days away, I feel calm, content, and together.”


“Allison didn’t offer just the traditional talk therapy, but something deeper

through imagery work and suggestions for reading and other ideas and “homework” to do outside of our session.

She is fabulous at what she does.”


“I went from very concerned to very confident about getting married.

Allison helped me examine my worries and fears, and the hard work is really paying off.

I’m going into my marriage with both my eyes fully open and a great peace of mind. I’ve done the heavy lifting, and now I’m relaxing and enjoying my engagement.”


“Being engaged was so scary at first, but your words kept playing thru my head

especially the day of the wedding. I thought the day of the wedding, I would be a harried mess but in actuality, I was so calm.

I don’t think I have ever felt so calm in all my life and I think it was because I was accepting all the emotions involved in the day and enjoying every single one of them!

Thank you for helping me do that and helping me enjoy the journey to marriage with my husband!”


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