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How to Be a Happier ‘Bride-to-Be’

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“At 2 a.m., I was a hot mess, Googling for answers for why I was so miserable.

At 4 a.m., after watching a few videos, I got back to sleep! Now I’m feeling a lot more normal and better.”


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Instant Access To:

2 hours of footage in 8 modules (MP4 audio files) + 14 pages of downloadable exercises!

2 hours and 8 modules that will help you:

    • feel happier
    • process your difficult emotions
    • feel closer to your fiance
    • deal with difficult family members
    • prepare for the walk down the aisle
    • be emotionally present on your wedding day

Bonus content focused on:

    • Debunking myths about being engaged
    • Processing emotions effectively
    • Planning your wedding wisely
    • Dealing with family, friends and your fiancé
    • Preparing emotionally for your wedding day…and more!

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Video Samples

Why So Emotional?

Relieve Your Stress

Your Changing Relationship

The Intimate Details of One Bride’s Story – Mine

Topics Covered

Wedding Planning:

    • Be less stressed
    • Have more fun
    • Prioritize what’s important to both of you


    • Why you’re not “only happy”​
    • How to use your sadness, fear, and anxiety to help you
    • How to stop over-analyzing


    • Why you’re hypercritical of him
    • How to answer, “Is he The One?”
    • How to deal with”Will we love each other forever?”

​Your Family:

    • Why everybody’s acting crazy
    • Divorced, estranged, or deceased​ parents
    • Controlling moms and dads

​Preparing For Marriage

    • Developing “your” style as a couple
    • Fighting right
    • Being beginners at marriage

​Your Wedding Day

    • How to be emotionally present, not stressed out
    • What to expect when you walk down the aisle
    • How to take it all in at your reception


    • Honeymoon prep
    • What to expect your first year of marriage

    More Reviews

    “I feel so much more relaxed.

    Now I know what to do when I feel sad, scared, or anxious.


    “These videos pulled me out of my mess!

    I got engaged and quickly became a puddle or anxiety and emotions.”



    “They rescued my engagement!

    I felt hopeful, reassured, relieved and very encouraged after watching these videos.



    “I had no idea how hard it is to be engaged!

    These videos provide information, strategies and stories the really helped me a lot.”


    “Amazing resource!

    These videos helped me look at my engagement as an important transition process. And that made it more meaningful and helped me enjoy it more.”


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    Happier 'Bride-to-Be'

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