The holidays are a magical time for engaged couples.

You and your fiancé will be the center of attention. You’ll receive gifts, toasts, and good wishes. You’ll have parties thrown for you. You’ll be asked all about your wedding. You’ll feel more in love with your fiancé than you have since he popped the question.

You’ll find yourselves envisioning holidays in years to come, imagining new traditions you’ll start and the children that you’ll share them with.

Don’t be surprised by the “blue” Christmas moments. Here’s why.

Many brides describe being flooded by an irrational sadness at some point during the holidays. You’re doing all these incredibly happy things, and yet you might feel momentarily sucker-punched by the blues.

Perhaps it happens during an engagement party thrown for you.

Or as you’re opening gifts on Christmas morning, your fiancé by your side for the first time.

Or as you go to sleep in your girlhood bed.

You can’t predict when this sadness hits, but it’ll be easier to bear if you understand why.

Sadness can hit when you really feel The End Of An Era.

Next Christmas, you won’t be sleeping in your girlhood bed, but in the guest room, with your husband.

Or maybe it hits when you’re driving from your family’s house to his family’s house. You’ve never had to leave your family before: indeed, this is an end of an era.

So, as excited as you are about getting married to this great guy, and as much fun as you’re having celebrating your first holiday season together, don’t be surprised if you have momentary blues.

This is the end of an era, and any change — no matter how positive — is hard. So be patient with yourself this holiday season.

Enjoy the celebrations and the excitement about your future, but also have respect for your past.

And how you are growing and changing as you prepare to marry.

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