Happy to be included in this Well + Good article, “Once A Pandemic Necessity, the Low-Key Wedding is Still Trending — And Here’s Why It Matters,”  by Erica Sloan. 

The pandemic upended expectations — of everything.

And you can use that to your advantage, and create the wedding you ACTUALLY want.

Cross off that hideously long To-Do List that’s provided by the wedding industry. (It’s intent, if you haven’t figured it out already, is to buy more, more, more and spend more, more, more, on stuff you may not even care about.)

Let what remains on your To-Do List be only things that truly MATTER to you and your fiance. Ditch the Jordan almonds at each place-setting — unless Jordan almonds mean the world to you. Save the cash!

Skip the Hotel Welcome Bags and save big bucks.

Think back to when you’ve been a wedding guest. You arrive at the hotel, road- and travel-weary. The check-in attendants hand you this pretty bag of information, bottled water, nuts and chocolate. You collapse on your hotel-room bed, guzzle the water, devour the nuts, read the info, all in the first 5 minutes. Did you savor the treats? Enjoy them? Meh. Are they worth the money, time and effort?

Is a wedding cake important to you? If not, have fun with something you love and  buy a simple one from the grocery store for 30 bucks so you can experience the tradition of cutting the cake, without having a dessert you don’t care about.

These are little ideas, tweaks, mindset changes you can make to save money….and also to make your wedding more YOU.

Before plunging ahead with the wedding-industry-provided To-Do List, reflect on what’s REALLY important to you and your fiance.

And focus all your time, effort and money on what YOU value.

Ditch what you don’t care about.

You will be happier.

And, after COVID, everyone will be just happy to be together to celebrate you.


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