Here’s a roundup of success stories and journeys of brides and grooms I’ve worked with.

The common denominators among them?

  • 25- 45 years old
  • Consider themselves highly analytical or over-analytical
  • Feel a lot of anxiety or sadness¬†
  • Reflective (or willing to learn how to be self-reflective)
  • Willing to roll up their sleeves and do some emotional work

Read about the turnarounds these brides and grooms achieved:

JENNA – “Three months after getting engaged, I started feeling uncertain….”
ERIN – “I was so scared that what I was feeling wasn’t “normal.”
ASHLEY – “Eight months before our wedding, I completely freaked out.”
RACHEL, SAMANTHA, JASMINE, and more women – “With my wedding just a few days away, I feel calm, content, and together.”

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NICK – “My analytical brain was in over-drive….”
ALEC, JAKE, GARY, and more men – “I think that men aren’t expected to grapple with the emotional intensity that comes with marriage, and that expectation makes the anxiety of getting married even more isolating.”

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