7 of the brides I worked with got married.

I thought it would be interesting for you to hear a little about the issues we worked on.

  • K., who didn’t feel emotionally close enough to her fiance
  • M., who had to negotiate a new relationship with her controlling father
  • F., who was reluctant to move out of her own condo and into her fiance’s house
  • I., who was anxious about getting “financially naked” with her fiance
  • A., who was grieving the loss of a close relative …while planning a wedding
  • R., who really had a hard time letting go of her single identity and the end of her single life
  • C., who was fearful about how marriage might impact her career goals

These brides contacted me because they felt anxious and alone in their struggles.

Anxious and alone because the world expected them to be only “brides” — only excited, only happy, only thinking about dresses and shoes and aisle runners.

These pressures and expectations didn’t match their own inner emotional experiences, which were rich, deep, and life-changing. In our work together, each of these brides could be their complex, “unbridely” selves, as they made sense of the very real changes their impending marriages caused them to face.

I’m happy to say that, across the board, without exception, all 7 brides successfully worked through their issues. Each and every bride has reported back to me about the happiness and joy they felt on their wedding days.  Most couldn’t believe they had traveled such a distance, emotionally, from where we first started. At the beginning of our work, they couldn’t envision a happy wedding day, they were so wrapped up in their angst and pain.

And yet, as one bride just told me during her FREE post-wedding download session:

“Our wedding was phenomenal. The whole thing. Emotionally, I was calmer than I expected to be — nothing was going to get me down — and I was surprised at how choked up I got saying my vows.  It was amazing and so satisfying to see all the million tiny details that I worked so hard on, sweated over, and fought for, come to life. It was perfect.”

If you see yourself in any of these 7 brides, or if you are feeling anxious and alone, pressured to be a “perfect bride” and not your complete, complex self, contact me for a free 15-minute Zoom consultation.  For these 7 brides, working with me — having a place in their lives to be “unbridely” — allowed them to be real, delve deep, grow, learn and come out the other side happy and ready to be married.

If you’d like that too, please, be in touch. Get your FREE 15 minute consultation by clicking here.


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