The holidays are a magical time for engaged couples. You and your fiancé will be the center of attention. You’ll receive gifts, toasts, and good wishes. You’ll have parties thrown for you. You’ll be asked all about your wedding. You’ll feel more in love with your fiancé than you have since he popped the question.

Even better yet: you’ll find yourselves envisioning holidays in years to come, imagining new traditions you’ll start and the children that you’ll share them with.

Many brides describe moments of being flooded by sadness at some point during the holidays.

Sadness may occur:

    • As you’re opening gifts on Christmas morning, your fiancé by your side.  You attention is split between your family’s traditions and concern about how he’s feeling.
    • As you go to sleep in your girlhood bed, it hits you that this is the last Christmas in this bed. Next year, you’ll be with your husband, in the guest room. Or, you’re already in the guest room with him, and that’s weird, too.
    • As you’re driving out of your family’s driveway, heading to his family’s house.  You’ve never left your family on a holiday before. It just hurts.

The blues hit when you connect to the feeling that this is the “end of an era” in your life.

    • Because this is – it’s your last holiday season unmarried.
    • And any change — no matter how positive — is hard.

It will be easier to bear if you understand WHY it’s happening.

    • Seeing it as proof that you are processing the growth and change that comes with getting married.
    • So, be patient with yourself this holiday season.
    • Enjoy the celebrations and excitement about your future.

Have respect for the enormous changes you are going through during your final, non-married holiday season.


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